The Albrecht Uberchuck located in Haupaugee, NY; features heavy duty rouging, hard milling, reaming, mold making, precision finish milling, tapping, high-speed cutting, drilling.

Albrecht Announces Überchuck Marketing Initiative

NY-based Albrecht Inc. announces the launch of a new marketing campaign for their premier line of power milling chucks. One component of the campaign included sending a video crew to the world's busiest manufacturing facility.


Jan 28, 2012 - Albrecht Inc., Hauppauge, NY, announces the launch of a new marketing campaign for their premier line of power milling chucks. As part of this initiative, the Albrecht Power Chuck (APC) line of CNC machine tool holders has been renamed as the Albrecht Uberchuck. The new name is a playful nod to both the product’s German heritage and the patented technology that permits this innovative tool holder to outperform its shrink-fit and hydraulic CNC tool holder competitors.

The new Uberchuck campaign will include both print and digital advertising, and the development of a product-specific website ( The thrust of the effort will be to encourage manufacturers to replace their old-technologyCNC machine tool holders with Uberchucks in order to achieve substantial savings through faster, less frequent tool changes; more efficient and aggressive cutting; and significantly longer cutting tool life.

According to Tom Sheridan, Albrecht’s Vice President of Marketing: “Independent tests show that our Uberchuck technology can increase tool life by as much as 60%. Savings like that can offset conversion costs in a very short time. While the case for the Überchuck is clear, the challenge is overcoming inertia on the part of the manufacturers. It’s a little like converting to energy-efficient CFL or LED lighting; you know that delaying replacement your old incandescent bulbs is actually costing you money every day, but many people still find it hard to discard them while they still have useable life. Our job is to help manufacturers realize that through inaction they may very well be hurting their own bottom lines.” To underscore the point, Albrecht sent a video crew to the world’s busiest manufacturing facility to document the effects that Uberchuck could have on their 24/7 operations. “We were lucky to gain access,” says Sheridan, “Many customers resist the idea of exposing their operations to competitors. Fortunately, we were able to get inside one that is unconcerned about competitive pressures, and enjoys an organizational philosophy of transparency and generosity.” The resulting video may be viewed online at

About Albrecht

Albrecht Inc. is the North American subsidiary of Josef Albrecht Bohrfutterfabrik GmbH & Co. (Wernau, Germany), a firm whose name has been synonymous with innovation and quality for more than 100 years. It was Albrecht that developed the Classic Keyless Drill Chuck in 1932, widely regarded by the metalworking industry as the world’s most consistently accurate drill chuck. Albrecht’s tradition of uncompromising quality has remained intact as they continue to develop new products specifically designed to maximize machine tool performance. To learn more about Albrecht, Inc. and our products and services, please visit

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